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5 selected programs to showcase

The service we provide is to design a training program specifically tailored to target trainees.

Our Programs

Our flagship program, Enterprise SolutionFinders (ESF),
validated and supported by Khmer Enterprise,
a unit under the Ministry of Economy of Finance

A 15 weeks Training and Business Coaching program designed for Start-ups and SMEs at Accelerator stage.

We are passionate about the creative spirit of entrepreneurs. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about leaving their mark, building their legacy, and impact the world positively. Entrepreneurs are active members of our society, creators, risk-takers, and key players in the economic development of a country.

However It’s hard to be an entrepreneur. There are always doubts in their mind. Every day, there are dozens of decisions to be made. A customer/an opportunity could change their direction.

Enterprise SolutionFinders Season 2

Target Participants

  • SMEs and non-profit organizations (registered or not) in their start-up or accelerator stage
  • Priority given to entrepreneurs in the province, Women Entrepreneurs, Creative industry and Social Projects
  • Age of entrepreneurs, from 20 to 50 years old
  • Profile: Passionate entrepreneur and Impactful projects

Problems they face

We deeply understand the challenges they face: loneliness, feeling lost, feeling overloaded, lack of self-confidence and skills, financial issues and team challenges.

  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of sustainability model
  • No clear business plan

Our Solution

  • A complete program, from setting a clear foundation, building entrepreneurship capacity to strategizing and implementing new solutions on the operational level
  • A unique methodology that lifts up all the obstacles for them to succeed in this learning journey.

Program delivery

  • 3 months of training
  • 10 hours of video content 
  • 20 exercises
  • 20 sessions of mentoring and coaching
  • Final business plan presentation or pitching

How will they learn?

The program was scaled up nationwide in 2023, allowing 80 companies from eight provinces to participate. We have created a mobile and web application with over ten hours of video content. Our entrepreneurs receive new videos and exercises every two weeks, alternated with group coaching sessions. Additionally, we provide one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions at key stages of learning.

Online learning has its pros and cons, as expected. The biggest benefit we observed was that, pre-viewing the videos before meeting us online, allowed participants to watch the lesson several times at their own pace, triggering deeper questions. As a result, in addition to being accessible to all, even those living in rural areas, the program also promotes self-learning and accountability skills. We have observed that this way of learning is more successful than exclusively on-site instruction.

Our funder

Khmer Enterprise, A unit under Ministry of Economic and Finance.


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