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We care for people who care to create a better world

About Us

Enterprise Vision Academy,
A school for a meaningful Life

Enterprise Vision Academy is a personal and professional capacity building center based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with international experienced trainers whose meaning in life is to support organizations to bring sustainable and long term impact in Cambodia.

To Funders

We work closely with our funders to design and implement meaningful and impactful programs relevant to their target audience and make it our pride to deliver more than we promise.

To Corporate Clients

We perform audits on your organizational development needs, create tailored professional training for your teams and provide consulting services.

To Individuals

Check out our on-going programs and apply if you are interested; we also provide a self-learning platform as well as a resource center to promote and inspire changemakers.

We are critical of our own work, we constantly seek to improve and innovate in our programs

Part 1 : The foundation

All our training starts with the foundation [Ikigai] to build a clear vision, mission and values aiming for sustainability.

Part 2 : The operation

Hand on training on specific technical skills to improve operations such as creating a team and defining project framework, strategize and plan.

Part 3 : The challenge

Overcome the challenge with the support from mentor and coach. This is a unique training methodology.

Our added value
Self-learning Mobile App

We adapt to people's learning journey. Our digital platform, combined with coaching sessions, allows them to build that ongoing self-learning skill.


Since 2021, we have been providing long term training programs to major organizations in Cambodia.

Our goal is to build long term partnership with our customers based on mutual trust, passion, expertise, impactful and meaningful projects that can really make a difference in people’s life.