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About us

"It takes 10 000 hours to become an expert at something." Malcolm Gladwell

At Enterprise Vision Academy, we select highly experienced experts and trainers who want to leave their legacy to the world.

Our partnership is marked by FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT for each other’s professionalism and accomplishments, and last but not least, our PASSION for Cambodia. Even though we haven’t always worked together, we have all worked to contribute to our people’s development.


A school for a meaningful life.


  • To allow people to know themselves and enhance their capabilities
  • To give people tools and opportunities to take actions
  • To make people feel proud and fulfilled by the impact they bring


We have extensive experience in Cambodia (including the provinces) and abroad, as Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Top Executives, helping SMEs, organizations and their people become more professional, sustainable and impactful.


We are ambitious. With our partners, we are working on long term impacts and we envision our actions to spread nationwide. We are committed to help social enterprises and Changemakers who want and can develop the country based on its added value.


Creativity is our DNA. Thanks to our international background and local experiences, we get tons of inspiration and are able to offer different perspectives while ensuring that they are relevant to the context.


We are working with experienced people who commit on your projects like it is theirs. It is a journey together.



Social Enterprise Specialist

Helene VEAL

IKIGAI Trainer & Coach

Visay SENG

Take-action Trainer & Coach

Thai SAN

Operation Manager

A team with...

  • Extensive experience in Cambodia as Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Top Executive
  • A wide international professional experience especially in SMEs development 
  • Since 2020, we help SMEs, organizations and their people become more professional, sustainable and impactful
  • We strongly believe that all businesses should become Social Enterprises

Interested to join our team?