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Our Training Programs


Together we are developing the workforce in Cambodia

It is in line with the mission we gave ourselves and that’s what we have been doing through many capacity development training programs. 

What we bring to the training market in Cambodia is another level of expertise that meets international standards. We focus on hand-on trainings. The theory part is limited to 20% versus 80% of practice and implementation. Our different trainings are also available in Khmer language.

For Funders

Accelerator Stage Program

  • From SMEs to Social Entreprises 
  • Transform NGO to become Sustainable organizations
  • Favor Creative fields and local products

Youths Development

EV Academy, A bridge towards the Professional world
“Professionalism”, “entrepreneurship” gather skills that should be acquired from a very young age. Integrating them as “habits” and “character” will be much appreciated in the professional world and allow them to excel during their studies.

Professional Development

Organizational requirements and individual’s fulfillment can be achieved. We provide a range of services towards that goal.

Training to Trainers

Together let’s explore multiple channels to scale up and train more Trainers to facilitate our Trainings. We are ready to cooperate with Schools, Corporate world, ESOs and other organizations to make the impact nationwide.

For Corporates

Improve staff engagement

  • Individual Ikigai Coaching program
  • Career development plan for mid and top management level
  • Group workshop to align employees with company’s vision and mission (IKIGAI framework)

Soft Skill Trainings

  • Professional Development (Accountability, Communication and Ethics)
  • Time management & Organization

Hard Skill Trainings

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sale and Networking

Organizational Development Intervention

  • Audit on OD needs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Here are five examples of selected capacity development training programs

Our flagship program, Enterprise SolutionFinders (ESF),
validated and supported by Khmer Enterprise,
a unit under the Ministry of Economy of Finance …

Creative Catalyst Program & Thrive Grant
Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) was offering an opportunity for ten leaders of informal, emerging, artistic and cultural initiatives to participate in an eight-week program, facilitated by Enterprise Vision Academy…

Be the change you want to see!
In collaboration with Impact Hub Phnom Penh, with the support from USAID, 3 cohorts of ChangeMakers program were delivered between 2021 and 2022. The program has involved 115 youths in 3 provinces and gave birth to a dozen youths’ group initiatives, in line with the SDG goals…

Creating a pool of Mentors for Cambodia
An 8 weeks Training and Mentoring program supported by UNDP.

While Mentoring and Coaching were still very new concepts in Cambodia, we had this amazing opportunity to co-design and co-implement a unique Training and Mentoring program to 50 Mentors and would-be Mentors all around Cambodia.

In order to boost your communication and digital marketing, we offer customized training

3 months intent training, with weekly self-learning and realtime challenge.

We understand that each organization and company need their employees to communicate effectively and able to help boost the organization’s services and products on digital plate-form. Therefore since 2017, we have deliver this training for many organizations and company in Cambodia.

See the details of each program

We understand your obligations of results and commit to deliver.
Therefore we commit 100% to the project.


You will move people capacity forward
thanks to our methodologies we offer to our customers

Master Class

A three-hour long course designed with the intent of learning, prepared and implemented by experts.

One to one coaching

Coaching on a one-to-one basis with a standard of international coaching.

Group Mentoring

Methodology that enables participants to help each other move forward while learning in a group setting.

Self-learning material

Access to self-learning content via mobile app and web every week.

Online Training

Provide distance learning to participants who can't attend the on-site training.

Exercise and Challenges

Each step of learning, exercise, and challenge has been designed and assigned to participants to confirm their progress.

How to work with us?

  • Please write us an email to introduce your organization, and your project. 
  • We’ll reach out to you and organize an introduction zoom meeting