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Creative Catalyst Program & Thrive Grant

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) was offering an opportunity for ten leaders of informal, emerging, artistic and cultural initiatives to participate in an eight-week program, facilitated by Enterprise Vision Academy.

The program gave space for the participants to develop their vision for the future of their initiative and reflect on the organizational effort and structure behind their initiative.

At the end of the program, they would have the opportunity to share their ideas with a panel of expert advisors, who would give them feedback and suggestions as to how they might go forward. 

Six out of ten participants were selected to move on to the “THRIVE PROGRAM” stage. Enterprise Vision Academy was commissioned again to provide 3-6 months’ Mentoring and Coaching to those promising art organizations in order to help them define their sustainability plan.

Target Participants

Grass-root art organizations such as theatre, dance, cultural festival, art school, formal and non-formal groups who have been existing for at least 3 years.
Some of them were located in the provinces.

Problems they face

These art organizations were facing many challenges: lack of clarity on their vision and mission, no understanding of how to lead their entity, and last but not least, financial sustainability.

Our Solution

First phase of the program focused on giving a broad overview of how to run an art organization and short mentoring sessions to validate their vision and mission.
Second phase, 1-1 mentoring and coaching sessions to top executives in order to build a 2 year strategy plan, involving in some cases, Life Coaching sessions.

Program delivery

  • 6 months program
  • 2 master class & 2 presentation events
  • 60 hour of one-to-one coaching
  • Group mentoring

Our funder

Cambodian Living Arts


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